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The Goat adventure started in 2011, our main objective from the beginning of this journey was and still is manufacturing high quality longboards using the best materials. We opted for bamboo due to its excellent mechanical properties and sustainability. We are committed to offering you high quality longboards so that you can get the most out of them.

designed and
manufactured in Europe

Designing and manufacturing our longboards, this is where we find comfort.

We work alongside our team of riders so they can brave every trick, every moment of fun and freedom. This all takes place in our Lesaka facilities, an environment traditionally surrounded by the surf, skate and longboard culture of the Basque coastline.

Our mission is building long-lasting things

We like building things that can endure the challenges of time with you, the kinds of things you remember when you look back and you think of all the moments you shared together. Those are the kinds of things we like to create and build, things we believe offer a sustainable production.

Supporting longboard scene

There are many players in the longboard sector and we are one more, this is why we try to come up with all the actions that are in our hands in order to expand and strengthen the longboard scene.

One of the things we keep in mind is to support the stores which go through great efforts in order to provide and educate people on this thrilling sport. It is also important for us to promote events which open up the longboard world to those who already practice it as well as those who want to discover it.

Working with riders is not an option.

We listen to our riders and work with them in order to develop products that meet their ideals and needs. They have the words, we listen and put these words to work.

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