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Hunt the hare!

By the end of 2014 the possibility of developing this buttboard along with Mikel Echegaray arose, we didn’t have to think about it twice, we couldn’t think of anyone better than him to construct this very fast board with impossible curves, and with a shape that will fit your body to the board in a comfortable and aerodynamic posture. Machine carved grooves in the inferior part of the board and PVC railing guides for your hands to firmly hold onto the deck through the most extreme brakes and turns.

The Buttboard Hare is constructed with a nucleus of two bamboo sheets and fiberglass sheets with reinforcements to prevent twisting.

296,00 €

Board deck








One Ink Art

An impressive design created by artist Ishtar Bäcklund expresses the beauty and character of this buttboard which longs to be the fastest on the slope.

Spin it 360º!

Explore our Hare in detail, get a full view of its top, bottom and lateral structures…Here is where you can visualize our board from different angles and appreciate the upper and lower finishing touches as well as its full geometry and details, black leather detailing on its upper surface, carving and PVC rails on the bottom surface.
Slide your cursor horizontally to spin the Hare and explore all of its features using the zoom.

tabla Hare en fotografía volumétrica en 360 grados

Use mouse to rotate

A front side that adapts to your body

The front part of the Hare is designed so that your legs can find their place and grip on the shape flawlessly, allowing you to attain a very secure and aerodynamic posture. Once you lay down on it and reach high speed you will feel how your body and the board become one allowing you to easily move the longitudinal truck on the board for braking and turning.

Angled positioning zone

The positioning point over the front truck has a slight angle, this allows the truck to rotate more when turning. The Hare is thought out and designed to be mounted over all the trucks available on the market, from the ones with very simple functions to the most professional machine carved aluminum trucks.

Machine carved grooves for a great grip

The machine carved grooves are reinforced with PVC railing guides which provide a good grip while offering safety during extreme turning and braking. These rails go through most of the board’s length so that you will not have any trouble finding a good place to position your hand, you will feel safe wherever you place it. The hand sanded smooth bullnose assures ultimate comfort when in contact with your hand.

Leather fixings

The superior part of the Hare is crafted with high quality leather fixings so that your body will remain perfectly gripped to the board while remaining in a comfortable and safe posture which will prevent any unwanted slip. The shapes on our leather fixings are inspired by the design decorating the bottom part of the board, designed by artist Ishtar Bäcklund.


120 cm 30,5 cm 78,5 cm 2,9 Kg 10 mm
47,2" 12" 30,9" - -

*The wheel base is measured from the center of the inner bolts

Ready for the sickest slopes.

The Hare is set up and ready to slide at high speed through even the most extreme of slopes. Aside from our recommended setup, you can also pick your own trucks from the market because both the angled front and the drop back are thought out and designed to accommodate all kinds of trucks available on the market.

Take your Hare out for a ride and see if anyone out there is able to catch you!

Hunt the Hare!

Want to watch the Hare buttboard in a extreme racing?

Mikel Echegaray in the Streetluge final bracket of Kozakov 2018 winning the race with the Hare in a awesome 360º video made by Will Stephenson of Dangerous Decks.

See it in action

Who rides it?

mikel echegaray goat team rider buttboard

Mikel Echegaray

justo mullor goat team rider

Justo Mullor


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Hunt the Hare!

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