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Here is a list of our FAQs and answers to help resolve any of your doubts or questions involving Goat board maintenance, accessories, warranty and shipping…


If what you want is to get started with longboarding without getting into fast and steep slopes, we recommend the Zero1 board which is thought out for carving and cruising.

f you would also like to learn to do some tricks we recommend the Elude drop board which has two small tails which will help you perform those tricks.

Depending on your skating modality, we recommend:

For Carving

The Zero1 is a board designed for carving, it is without a doubt your best option, The Elude drop model is also very good for carving.

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For Freestyle

The boards Elude drop, Elude Top and Soul are the options we recommend, it depends on whether your like a drop or in top board. The Soul board is the most rigid of them all, its flex is way more rigid than the Elude and it has more pop.

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For Dancing

Our most suitable board for dancing is the Uzume. If you want something smaller in size which will also allow you to freestyle, then we recommend the Soul. If what you want is a multi-purpose longboard to test out a little bit of all modalities: freestyle, dancing and carving, then we recommend the Elude Top.

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For Downhill y Freeride

Under the Downhill and Freeride heading we recommend the Basati, Thor Hammer and Thor Hammer Green.
The Basati s a board with very aggressive curves which lend to great precision, the board will quickly respond to even the slightest of your feet’s movements.

The Thor Hammer is an easier board to tame, softer forms which adjust to any foot size and has an ample surface to settle in.
The Thor Hammer Green is a narrow version with a shorter Wheelbase position of our Thor Hammer. We recommend it for riders who are shorter in height.

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Truck questions

The trucks we offer in the setup recommendations for our boards cannot be bought separately.

The blonzen trucks have a robust build and will give you very few problems, clean them up periodically and make sure the bolts are well fixed before starting a session, check the state of your bushings and that is all you need to keep your trucks in good shape.


Yes, all the Goat personalized grip tape models are available in our online store.

Customized grip tapes are part of the finishing touches in our models, the superior and inferior finished surfaces are a match to each other. Grip tape deteriorates with use, knowing that, we offer a chance to replace your original ones so that your board looks as good as new.

You can find replacement grip tapes for the following Goat boards: Zero1, Elude Drop, Elude Top, Soul y Uzume. You can also find the leather fixing replacements for the Hare buttboard. Hare.

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You will receive a small manual on how to change your grip tape along with your customized grip tape.


Depending on your skating style, we offer the following options:


For carving and high speed we recommend the Walzen CTD 70mm wheels, if you want better grip then we recommend the 78a, for a better grip that will also allow you to slide your board with ease we recommend the 80a.

Freestyle, Dancing, Freeride

For freestlye, dancing and freeride, we recommend the Walzen Insul 64mm wheels, they are easier to move while sliding and they have a good grip.

Bearing maintenance and care is fundamental for the best board behaviour. Make sure they are clean, dry and well lubricated. We recommend periodically demounting the wheels for cleaning. Using isopropyl alcohol will help you get rid of humidity and any other remains. One or two drops of lubricating oil is enough to keep them on point.

The wheels we offer in the setup recommendations for our boards cannot be bought separately.

All details pertaining our product warranty can be found under condition no 13 title “Warranty” in our general sales conditions on the page “Shipment and returns”

> Consult warranty conditions

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