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Unleash your best tricks

Our Elude model is a symmetric deck constructed with a 10mm pressing composed by a bamboo nucleus and two fiberglass sheets finished with a personalized grip tape. A multipurpose board which will allow you to carve, do tricks, dance and do anything you set your mind to.

This is a Freestyle deck with two Flex options, soft and hard so you can choose the one that better fits your weight, size, riding style, as well as two deck mounting options: the drop option which is a better fit for freestyling and the top option if you prefer a fit that is better for dancing. Two small but effective kicktails which will allow you to lift the board and a concave which will grip your feet as you land from your tricks. If you are looking for a board that can adapt to all riding styles, the Elude is your best pick.

172,00 €

Board deck








Elude, winding curves

A graphic design inspired by the world of reptiles, taking from their movements and their ability to travel through all kinds of terrain and adhere to any surface. Our Elude board is movement.

Spin it 360º!

Explore our Elude in detail, get a full view of its top, bottom and lateral structures…
Here is where you can visualize our board from different angles and appreciate the upper and lower finishing touches as well as its full geometry (camber, concave, nose and tail).
Slide your cursor horizontally to spin the Elude and explore all of its features using the zoom.

Elude Drop

Elude Top


Use mouse to rotate

Bullnose and drop

Crafted with a hand sanded bullnose and a drop specifically studied to achieve optimal torsion which adjusts itself to all truck models in the market.

Reactive Tails

Two small but effective tails which allow you to perform all kinds of tricks on your Longboard, a comfortable concave for either carving or for performing your most challenging tricks.

Customized Grip Tape

All of our Elude versions are mounted with a standard fit customized grip tape as well as an inferior graphic inspired by the world of reptiles and their gripping capacity.


103 cm 23 cm 71 cm 1,4 Kg - 1,6 Kg 10 mm
40,5" 9" 27,9" - -

*The wheel base is measured from the center of the inner bolts

Two deck mounting options: drop & top.

Our Elude longboard offers two mounting options, use the drop if you like freestyle and carving and use the top if you prefer dancing.

Two flex options: Soft & Hard.

The Elude board also has two flex option so you can find the one that better suits your weight, size and skating style.
We recommend the Soft Flex for weights from 70 up to 80 kg.
We recommend the Hard Flex for 80kg or more.

Both Flex models are even throughout the length of the board and will not cave in through the middle part of the board.

The Elude on the move

Here is where you can watch our Elude on the move, carve, dance, skid… you set the limits.

Who rides it?

rafa ordovas goat longboard team rider dancing

Rafa Ordovás


samuel cárdenas samu goat team rider

Samuel Cárdenas



Squeeze out your best tricks

comprar tabla longboard carving goat elude



Board deck


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