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Cristina Verdú

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September / 10 / 1994

Alicante (Spain)


“My passion is speed and adrenaline”

My passion is speed and adrenaline, this is why a practice Freeride and Downhill. It makes me feel more alive than I already am, and I could also say that it is some sort of meditation for me, the moment I grab the board I can leave the exterior world aside. The longboard has taught me great lessons, and thanks to that I am who I am and I am able to have the life that I have right now. I would not change that for anything else. Also, thanks to the board, I have met wonderful people all over the world, people with whom I have shared amazing experiences and who have shared their homes with me during my travels.

On one hand I am super adventurous, I am always traveling! This is greatly thanks to longboarding. On the other hand, I am a passionate and creative person who is addicted to music: I am always singing, playing my guitar, drawing. I love improving myself! Lastly, I love taking life with a smile and surrounding myself with good vibes because there are enough bad vibes going around in our world to create more. PEACE, LOVE AND SKATE.

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