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Javi Martínez

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March / 5 / 1988

Almería (Spain)


“I consider myself a longboarding addict”

I consider myself a longboarding addict, I live through it with the same day-by-day intensity as I did the moment I started. I love transmitting that sensation and that enjoyment to the world around me because I consider myself privileged in being able to enjoy something so intensely. This is why you will always find me fully immersed in organizing events, alongside the fact that I don’t conceive longboarding as an individual activity but as something to be enjoyed as a group. I greatly enjoy any of the longboard disciplines, although lately I have been working harder on freestyle and dancing. I have practiced and liked all longboarding variables equally. I like practicing what I call FREE-DANCE: a combination of sliding and dancing, a mix of adrenaline and grace through movement, that feeling of fragility is what i like the most, full on adrenaline. I am part of the Z4 Longboard and Vandalusia Longboard Krew: longboard activists who promote the practice of this sport through Andalucía. I am sorry I haven’t listed any other hobby of mine, there isn’t such.

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