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Samuel Cárdenas (Samu)

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October / 04 / 1997

Tarifa (Spain)


“The time you spend skating is the time you forget your worries”

I feel more at ease with dancing/freestyle because of that freedom you have to skate anywhere you like, to get out of the house with no destination in mind and wind up in different places, enjoying the board with you friends, every day brings something new and unexpected! Dancing makes me feel worry-free and relaxed, I can enjoy just riding my board. The beautiful thing about freestyle is that every time you land on a new trick, you go back home feeling happier than ever.The time you spend skating is the time you forget your worries, it’s like removing yourself from your daily routine and whatever is going on in your private life, you get those minutes to truly enjoy. It’s an extraordinary sensation!

Aside from the board, mi other great passions are photography and film. If I am not riding my board during my free time, I am most likely holding a camera between my hands, I love capturing life’s string of moments.

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