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  • Set Up

    Available : 5 in stock

    The Uzume is the longest board in our collection, specialized in dancing and freestyle, 120 cms of full on flat land enjoyment. This is the set up that will give…
  • Customized grip tape

    Available : 2 in stock

    If you want a replacement customized grip tape for your Uzume board, this is where you can find it. This customized grip tape is inspired by artist Josema Carrillo’s design…
  • Freestyle

    Available : Out of stock

    The Vortex model is a symmetric longboard constructed with a 10mm pressing of bamboo nucleus and two sheets of fiberglass. A light rocker shape, a smooth area on which to…
  • Carving, Cruising

    Available : 14 in stock

    Our Zero 1 model is a symmetric Longboard pressed with 10mm composed by a bamboo core and two sheets of fiberglass finished with grip tape detailing. This particular compositions creates…
  • Set Up

    Available : 10 in stock

    Complete and prepare your Zero1 for the best carving with the following mounting options: Paris trucks V3, with a new and more resistant hanger, 90a bushings with a redesigned top…
  • Customized grip tape

    Available : 6 in stock

    If you want a customized grip tape replacement for your Zero1 board, this is where you can find it. It’s customized for carving styles, knowing that your feet need an…
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